The Realmstorm has begun!

An unlikely band sets forth-
searching for the legend that will save them all

In the land of the Realms, nothing is as it seems. Long forgotten legends are coming to life… and unsettling those who thought them only stories. A desperate race to find the truth even the gods fear will leave their world rocked to it’s very foundations.

The Sheening

of the Blades

Ari, reluctant college student, doesn’t know why people are trying to kill him. With his flaming hair he’s a freak- but no one special. But the assassins- the legendary Enemy themselves!- seem to think otherwise. Dragged across the whole face of Merrane, with danger, gods, and legends-come-to-life around every corner, his only hope is to keep up.

It’s an epic journey that will take him from the slow and boring life he knows through the very caverns of hell. From the highest king’s palace, to the most terrifying carniverous forests, he will find his answers. But he may die trying to understand them.

The Sheening of the Blades by Kari Cordis

The adventure begins in

The Sheening of the Blades

available now on an e-reader near you!


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